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Blood Transfusion Service (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life)

HLA Typing

Tissue Typing Department
Tissue typing (HLA typing) is done on patients and potential donor undergoing renal or bone marrow transplant. Presently this is done by serological methods using lymphocytotoxicity techniques. Commercially available reagents are used for this purpose.
Tests performed are:
- Class I antigens
- Class II antigens
- Direct cross match for compatibility between donor and recipient
The prospective recipients and donors are also tested for blood groups, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis.
Special Investigations and Reagent Preparation Department
In this department many investigations are performed on :
- Blood group discrepancies
- Incompatibility due to blood group antibodies
- Transfusion Reaction
- Antibody screening test
- Antibody titration
- Cold antibodies
- Cord blood
- Red cell phenotyping